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We at Baycrest would like to say thank you to our incredible donor community who have joined us in the fight to protect Canada’s most vulnerable population in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we will pull out all the stops to safeguard the 1,100 seniors in our care as well as protect the frontline workers leading the charge against this virus.


SOS Campaign

Ilsa Blidner
Michael Bregman
Noah Godfrey
Warren Kimel
Dale Lastman
Felicia Salomon

SOS Campaign Donors

Bob and Dorothy Aaron
Les and Lisa Aaron
Michael Aaron
Selwyn and Marion Abel
Linda Abramovitz
Aubrey and Barbara Abrams
Bev Abramson
Randall Abramson & Elissa Strom
Patrick Abtan
Edith Acker
Josef Ackerman
Nan Ackerman
Morris and Ruth Adams
Marcy Ages
Gurd and Sonja Agnew
Steve and Cheryl Aiken
Claude Alain
Kenny and Julie Albert
Amir Alibhai
Stephen and Heshy Altbaum
Barbara and Adam Altberg
Jeremy and Mindy Alter
Mark and Susanne Alter
Shelly Altman
Joanne and Zelick Altman
Karen and Bert Amato
Sharon Anderson
Sue and Mike Andrew
Jake and Vivian Anhang
Shana Anjema
David Antflick
Steven Liss and Karen Anthony
Barry and Eleanor Appleby
Michael April
Omar Arango
Alexander Armstrong
Luong Quoc Au
Pamela and Paul Austin
Arie and Vera Avraham
Bernard Awerbuck
Jonathan and Elana Aziza
The Azrieli Foundation
Edward Babin
Dennis and Hazel Bader
Bob and Rena Bader
Gwyneth Bailey-Mason
Richard and Harriet Bain
Sajeetha Balendran
Alan Banack and Jeannine Girard-Pearlman
Arna and Larry Banack
Bank Bros. and Son Ltd.
Elias Barber
Mina Barbuto
Alan and Ricki Bardikoff
Carly Bardikoff
Robert and Lisa Barkin
Lenore Barrett
Ron and Sharon Baruch
Yona Barzilay
Michael Basen
Baycrest Medical Staff Association
Haskell Beale
Anthony and Laura Beck
Thomas and Laurie Beckerman
Nonny and Susan Beckerman
Joseph and Karen Belinsky
Michael and Holly Bellman
Martha Beltran
Elias and Deenie Benaim
Isaac and Judy Benatar
Myrna Benderoff
Bernard Benjamin
Stephen and Gayle Benjamin
Benjamin's Park Memorial Chapel
Daniel Berg
Bobby Berger
Esther Bergman
Rosalee Berlin
Samantha Berman
Mark and Laurie Bernick
Kerry and Jeffrey Bernkopf
Coleman and Evelyn Bernstein
Les Bernstein
Cookie and Don Biback
Don and Cookie Biback
Kimberly Biback
Faye Bielak White and Family
Ruth and Mark Billet
Roy and Ronna Birnboim
Samuel Blatt
Jeff and Ilsa Blidner
David and Cheryl Blinick
Tamara Blitz-Miller
David and Molly Bloom
Rudy and Marlene z'l Bloom
Lawrence and Frances Bloomberg
Hymie and Carol Blum
Eleanor Bonder
Richard Bongard
Howard and Miriam Borenstein
Paula Trattner and Jack Borenstein
Myrna Bornstein
Jason Bourgeois
Maxine Bowen
Richard and Jennifer Bradlow
Cecil and Elaine Brauer
Michael Bregman, Katie Osborne and Yetta Bregman
Hersh and Pam Brenman
The Brettler Mintz Foundation
Johanna Brooks
Allan and Lisa Brown
Angus and Ida Brown
Jeffrey Brown
Morton and Marlene Brown
Philip Brown
Martin Burke
Frances Caine
Canada Iron & Metal Co. Ltd.
Charlotte Cantor
Marty and Chris Caplan
Gina Capulong
Elana Carr
Jack and Honey Carr
Martin and Carrie Cash
Neil and Lisa Casselman
Karen Ceifets and David Malkin
Allison Cepler and Michael Friedman
David and Ellen Chaikof
Sam and Rosalie Chaim
Susan Chant
Nancy and Elliott Chaplick
Dr. Paul and Joyce Chapnick
Jason and Jodi Chapnik
Mel & Janet Charendoff
Mel and Janet Charendoff
Michael and Penny Charendoff
Mark and Gloria Charness
Simon Cheesman
Joseph Gan and Jennifer Chen
Lawrence and Trudy Chernin
Norman and Ellen Goldstein
David Mazer and Karen Chisvin
Harold and Lynne Cipin
Carol Cipin and Stephen Binder
Clifford Cole
Closner Family Foundation
Barry and Melanie Cohen
Cindy Grill
Edwin and Deanna Cohen
Eric and Michelle Cohen
Harry Cohen
Howard Cohen and Lisa Cohen
Sidney Jessel Cohen and Judith Weissenberg Cohen
Michael and Merav Cohen
Elise and Richard Cohen
Ruth-Ellen Cohen
Dr. Judith Coldoff
Jeremy and Jo-Anne Cole
Michael and Josephine Cole
Stephen and Wendy Cole
David and Deborah Conn
Sydney Conn and Marilyn Conn
Harvey and Arlene Consky
Sydney and Florence Cooper Foundation
Elizabeth Cooper
Ernie and Barbra Cooper
Jerry and Sharon Cooper
Josh and Michelle Cooper
Lillian Cooper
Ted Cooper
Jonathan and Judith Cooperman
Vincent Cosentino
Barry Cracower
Fergus and Anne Craik
Richard Crenian and Family
Robert Henry and Bonnie Croll
Jeff and Terry Cummings
Barry and Lynn Cutler
Berthe Cygelfarb
Lisa and Jeffrey Dack
Margot DaCosta
Zillah DaCosta and David Unger
Mark and Cherie Daitchman
The Aubrey and Marla Dan Foundation
Debbie Daniels
Doron Daniels
Mitchell Oelbaum
Heather and Howard Davidson
Oscar Zimmerman and Anna Day
Al and Mimi De Castro
Amedeo De Rege
Aimee Debow
Sean and Jennifer Debow
Sarah and James Deitcher
Ian and Kiki Delaney
Sharon Dembo
Brian and Lois Demone
Anna Aleinikov & Adam Maisels
Alan and Joan Dessau
Serena Dessen
Helene and Sidney Diament
Sara Diament and David Zeldin
Stephen and Karen Diamond
Sara Diamond
The Diamond Family
Diproinduca Canada Limited
Geoff Donsky
Shaun Doody
Eleanor Dover
Dr. David Grant
Dr. Keith Meloff
Daniel and Rachel Draper
Phil and Lisa Draper
Andrew Duckman and Jen Ansley
Susan Duviner
Anita Eckhaus
Deedee Edelstein
Gary and Leanne Edelstein
Leilah Edroos
Susan Eiley and Barry Simon
Elliott and Wendy Eisen
Frederick and Beatrice Eisen
Chuck and Faigie Eisen
Bud & Leigh Eisenberg
Michael and Aliza Eisenstein
Frank and Anita Ekstein
Alan Lechem and Ruth Ekstein
Melany Eli
Jeri Elliott
Elizabeth Ellyn
Joseph Elmaleh
Shane and Risa Emer
Norman and Beatrice Endler
Roz and Howard English
Jillian Ennis
Warren Orlans and Naomi Epstein
Ellen Erenberg
Elliot Erlichman
Greg Evans
Sondra Ezrin
Adele Fan
Glenn and Rachel Farber and Family
Jeffrey and Zelda Farber
Willa Faria
Peter and Barbara Farkas
Alexandra and Simone Fattal
Talia Feder
Bernie Federman
H. Lawrence and Beverley Fein
Bernard and Barbara Feinstein
Jack Goldberg and Barbara Feldberg
Saul and Toby Feldberg and Family
Fred and Toba Feldman
Marty Feldman
Sid Feldman and Karen Weyman
Lara Fellman
Sheldon and Marilyn Fenton
Gila Ferdman
Robert Ferraro
Erika Feuerstein and Brian Warshafsky
Jeff Gray and Samantha Fialkov
Dalit Fichman
Fieldgate Family
Fifthshire Homes Limited
Karen and Ronald Filderman
Robert A. Findlay
Jamie Finiffter
Kenny and Janis Finkelstein
Bernard and Barbara Fishbein
Len Fishman
Susan and Ron Flam
Russell and Mandy Fleischer
Mike and Sandra Florence
Lina and David Fogel
Joanne and Garry Foster
Henie and Herman Frances
Rachelle Wolynetz-Frankel
Judy Franklin
Micky Fraterman-Oostra
Seth Freedland
John Freedman
Lianna Freedman
Myrna Freedman
Selma Freedman
Arlene Freeman
David and Sheila Freeman
Sheldon Freeman and Sharlene Wilder
Jack Frieberg and Sandra Herlick
Audrey Friedman
Ed Friedman
Michelle Friedman
Susan Friedman
Harvey and Annice Frisch
Irving and Paula Frisch
Shael Fryer
Friends of Simon Weisenthal Centre 
Hugh Furneaux and Penny Fine
Mark Furzecott
Saverio Galati
Barry and Joy Gales
Andrew and Marjorie Gann
Ganz Family Foundation
Allan and Gale Garber
Ilana and Michael Garber and Family
David and Reva Garber
Steve and Carol Garelick
Harold and Pamela Garfinkle
Michael Gary and Roselyn Zisman
Howard and Carole Gelfand
Aggie and Joel Geller
Michael Gelman
Ellen Gertner
Debbie Rosen Gilbert
Edward and Heather Gilbert
Hilda Ginsburg
Joan Gitelman
Jesse and Nora Glass
Lilyanne and Gerry Glazer
Martin and Shirley Glick
Herschel Glickman and Shawnee Slan
David Glicksman and Ellen Drevnig
Judy Gliserman
Fern Glowinsky and Ian Sandler
Lillian Vine Glowinsky and Norman Glowinsky and Family
Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
Lisa and Jordan Gnat
Lisa Godel
Myer and Rena Godfrey
Erica and Noah Godfrey
Paul and Gina Godfrey
Aaron Gold
Dana Gold and David Hodgins
Elaine and Mort Goldbach
Sam and Nita Goldband
Gerry and Marion Goldberg
Marvin and Helen Goldberg
Jack and Susan Goldberg
Nancy and Sidney Golden
Beth Goldenberg
Stanley and Sue Goldfarb
Harry and Gayle Goldgut
Leo and Sala Goldhar
The George and Kay Goldlist Foundation
Sandi Teperman and Harley Goldlist
Gary and Lyndy Goldlust
Jared Goldlust and Rikki Bennie
Ian Goldman and Ellen Greenberg
Ralph and Barbara Goldman
Samuel and Michelle Goldman
Sandy Goldman
Mark Goldsman
Eitan Goldsmith
Sharona Abramovitch and Aaron Goldstein
David and Bonnie Goldstein
Laurence and Lesli Goldstein
Lorne and Carol Goldstein
Russell Goldstein and Danielle Lemieux
Arline Goldwater
Kenneth Draper and Gloria Good Draper
Karen Goodis
Gilda Goodman Helman
Sheldon and Lindy Goodman
Karen Gordon and Howard Goodman
Pamela Gordon
Gorman Family
Philip & Honey Gosewitz
Ian Gosse
Eric and Enid Gossin
Maxwell and Heather Gotlieb
Thomas and Dorann Gottlieb
Jerry and Helen Grad
Jerome and Barbara Graff
Cecil and Lee Graff and Family
Dennis and Cheryl Graff
Glenn and Tracie Graff
Bruce Gram
Allen and Gloria Green
Greenrock Charitable Trust
David Green, Daphne Wagner, Michael & Lita Green
Martin Green
Ofira Green
Charles Greenberg in memory of Helen Greenberg
Elaine Greenberg
Liane Greenberg
Mark and Jennifer Greenberg
Natalie and Neil Greenberg
Brian and Violet Greenspan
Alan and Pearl Greenspan
Avi and Irina Greenspoon
Lorne and Iris Greenspoon
Jessica Echenberg and Allen Greenwood
Joel & Ruth Greisman
David and Lucille Griff for Alexander and Adela Griff
Mabel Grill
Ludmila Groisman
David and Aviva Groll
Shane Grosman and Miriam Lublin 
Aaron Posluns and Justine Grossman Posluns
Marci and Eric Grossman
George and Kitty Grossman
Lauren and Jonathan Grundland
Robert Grundleger
Fela Grunwald
Mark Gruwer
Jerry and Diane Gula
Reesa Gurevich Soto
Amara Gurm
Harley Gurza
Jodi Gurza
Ernie and Barb Gutstein
Bea and Hymie Guttman in memory of Toby Seligman
Cheryl Gutzin and David Barth
Michael and Karen Haber
Jeffrey and Ellen Habert
Haim Habsha
Faith Halman
Ruth Halperin and David Weil
Earl & Irene Haltrecht
Robert and Edie Harlang
Milton and Ethel Harris
Harris, Sheaffer LLP
Joyce Harris
Mark Harrison
Elaine and Mel Hershenfield
Jeffrey Hertz
Gordon and Marla Hertzman
Eric and Andrea Hirshberg
Alice Hoffman
Rita Hoffman
Joel and Michelle Hoidas
Stanley Hollander
Debbie Hollend
Jack and Marilyn Holtzman
D. L. Hoppenheim
Dan Horowitz
David and Jane Horrocks
Noah Howard
Andrew and Judith Hubert
Yael Hubert
Ivor and Este Hughes
Edward Hussman
Jacob Iftah
David and Pamela Isen
Stephen Isenberg
J. S. Cheng and Partners Inc.
Cheryl and Merrick Jackson
Ellis and Sharyn Jacob
Victor Jacob
Judy Jacobs
Norman and Gloria Jacobs
Eileen and Mark Jadd
Martha Marx-James
Susan James
Chetan Jatania
Fuad Jawaid
Jayzeee Properties Inc
Tammy and Brian Joffe
Greta Jones
Harry and Toby Jordan Foundation
Andrew Judelman
Moti Jungreis
Ronald and Nancy Kalifer
In memory of Gerry Kaminsky
Steven S. Kaminsky
Marty and Elaine Kaplan
Frances Kaplan
Nela Karagach
Alex Karapancev
Shirley Karbin
Adam and Elayne Kardash
Marvin and Estelle Kates
Maxwell Kates
Ben and Hilda Katz
Tony and Ilissa Katz
Helen Katz
Reene and Marvin Katz
Reuben and Lily Katz
David and Jodi Kaufman
Ilia and Gail Kaufman
Joy Kaufman and Eric Cohen
The Kavelman-Fonn Foundation
Michael Kay
Robert C. Kay and Family
Frances and Sheldon Kay
Alana Kayfetz Kantor and Matt Kantor
Sandra and Efram Kazman
Shawn Kendal and Shawna Akerman
Elana Kerbel
Howard Kerbel
Karen Kerbel
Gail Kernius
Jeff Kerr
Kathryn Kersey
Richard and Barb Keshen
Estelle Keyfitz
Khalid Bhatti Inc
Nasreen Khatri
Barbro Kimel
The Kimel Family
James Wise and Lauren Kimel-Wise
Brian Kimmel and Family
Connie Kindiak
Charles Kirk
The Kirk Family in memory of Laura & Jack Kirk
Nathan Kirsh
Cantor Eli and Linda Kirshblum
Ziny Kirshenbaum
Elliot and Perri Kirshenblatt
Eric and Barbara Kirshenblatt
Barry and Rhoda Kirshin
David Klebanoff and Barbara Franchetto
David and Chana Klein
Eli Klein
Dr. Stuart and Francie Klein
Nancy Klein
Joel Klerer
Ronald and Judi Kobrick
Martin and Agnes Kochberg
Resa and Marshall Kochberg
Murray & Marvelle Koffler
Tom and Rita Kolin
Vivian Konigsberg
Jaynie Koralek
David & Marla Korman
Debbie and Danny Kornhauser and Family
Eli Kornhauser in memory of Susan Kornhauser
Lawrence and Monique Korson
Sarena and David Koschitzky
The Koschitzky Family
Wendy Kosky
Michelle Kosoy
Mary Anne Kovats
Gloria Kramer
Larry and Sarah Krauss and Family
Merle Kravitz
Henry and Barbara Krieger
Robert and Janice Krieger
Gerald Krigstin
Beverly and Harvey Krofchick
Jason and Marci Kroft
Harrianne Kronick
Paul Kurtz
Gary Kushnir
Debra and Joel Kwinter
Harriette Laing
Alvin Lampert and Barbara Miller
David Lampert
Jan Landau
Kayley Landesberg
Gary Landon
Jim Lane
Bernard and Ryna Langer
Christine Lanz
Leon and Anita Lapidus
Lisa Laredo
Karen Lasky
Regina Lasry
Jordan and Sara Lass
Myrna and Mervin Lass
Robin and Dale Lastman
Leonard Latchman and Amanda Petrovic
Frank and Nancy Laurie
Allan and Rebecca Lax
Leila and Gary Lax and Norman Goldstein and Families
Dara Laxer
Carole Lazer
Emily Leath
Mark Lebo
Efram Lebovits and Sara Cappe
Arthur and Judy Lebowitz
Richard Lee
Victoria Lee
Allan and Barbara Leibel
Howard Leibovich
Farrell Leibovitch
Mel and Helen Leiderman
Michal Leneman and Peter Glazer
Jonathan Lerman
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Lerner
Robert Lester
Ian and Renee Leventhal
Sloan Levett and Debbie Elman
Leigh Levin
Allan Levine
Gerald and Barbara Levine
Michael Levine
Norman Levine and Shelley Harris
Aubrey and Rochelle Levine
Jacob and Sara, Murray and Adrienne Levinter
Hayley Levitt
Jonathan Levy
Lynn Levy
Michael and Caren Levy
Edward and Myrna Levy
Sheldon Levy
Rifka Lewenberg
Frank Lewinberg and Diane Davies
Alexa Lewis
Jonathan and Debra Lewis
Mary Lewis
Richard and Evelyn Lewis
Shawna Lewis
Sarah Libfeld
Faye Librach
Mark and Heather Librach
Rena Lichtblau
Phil and Fauna Lidsky
Bill and Anne Lieberman
Lynne and Jack Lieberman
Margaret Lindzon
Natalie Links
Carole Lipson
Anthony Lisanti
Sharon List
Bernie and Bev Little
Robert and Mindy Little
Shirley and Lawrence Litvack
The Fred A. Litwin Family Foundation
Lou and Sara Litwin
Catalina Lopez de lara
David and Glynnis Louis
David Lubek
Lynne and Sidney Lubelsky
The Joseph B. Lubotta Charitable Foundation
Olga Luftig
Thomas Lupas
Michael and Vikki Lyons
Jill Macintyre
Brian Mackie
Mike Macko
Jeffrey Macks
Robert Madan
Ruth Magder
K. Maier
Faith Malach
Dan Malamet
Fanya Malkin
Guidy Mamann
Shelli and Arthur Mandel
Faye and Dan Manor
Marlene Manton
Maramoresher Society of Toronto
Sally Marans
Nick and Benni Marchese
Marshall and Zoe Margolis
Jason and Marie Marilla
Constance Marinoff
Laurie Markus
Newton Markus and Claire Friedlich Markus
Terry Markus
Gordon Marshall
Charles Martin
Alison Masemann
Rick Matheson
Irving and Esther Matlow
Geoffrey Matus and Jill Lazar Matus
Thomas Maunder
Mitchell and Anne Max
Arlene Mayers
Randy McIntosh
Catherine McKeown
Brenda Simpson and Len Goodman
Jack Rose and Judith Megow-Rose
Doreen Menaker
Carl Mendelsohn
The Mendelson Family Foundation
Allan Detsky and Rena Mendelson
Esther Mernick
Mary-Ann Metrick
Lucas Meyer
Sean Meyer
Mhouse Inc.
Marty and Sharyn Middlestadt
Marina Milikhina
Barbara Miller
Tamara Miller
Peter and Eveline Mills
Harriet Millstone
Joseph Milstone
Sybil Milstone
Mark and Annette Mincer
Robert Mintzberg
Perry and Abby Minuk
Faye Minuk in memory of Sam Minuk
Penny and Paul Minz
Ellie Miron
Joan and Brian Mirsky
Lewis Mitz and Wendy Posluns
Sam & Micki Mizrahi
Malcolm Moffat
Moji Canada
Susan Moller
Freda Moltyaner
Larry and Bonnie Moncik
Neale Monkhouse
Alda Mooallem
Morris Perlis & Associates Inc.
Anthony Morris
Paul and Karen Morton
Moscoe and Company, Chartered Accountants
Joanne Muench
Ralph Muller
Carolyn Munro
Janet Murchison
Lou Myles and Wendy Switzer Myles
In memory of Dr. David Myran
Gary Naglie and Anna Berall
Sarah and Yves Nahmias
Emma Najgoldberg
Paul Naster
Leonard Neiman and Wolf Brendel
Jacob Nepom
Jamee Nepom
Shari and Michael Nepom
Diane Neville
Dean Newman
The Newman Family
Stephen and Linda Newstead
Donna Newton
Marlene Nirenberg
Philip and Carrie Nirenberg
Arlene and Aaron Nisker
Mindy Noble
Sara Noble
David Novak
Suzanne Nowak
Sid and Marilyn Nusinowitz
Aaron Nussbaum
Seymore and Carol Obront
Adam and Dena Ochshorn
Anastasia Oehlert
Jay Oelbaum and Sloane Ligchen
Chantal Ohayon
Onex Corporation
Gary and Marney Opolsky
Mark and Rose Orlan
Tracey Ostermann
Jon and Lily Otis
Steven and Shawna Page
Sandra Pantel
Kathy and Danny Panzer
Annie Papernick and Edward Yudin
David Papernick and Sharon Fligel
Sheldon and Ellie Parker
Rosie Parnass
Richard and Penny Parnes
Tina and Marshall Partnoy
Rick and Karyn Pasternac
Lorraine Paterson
Patricia and David Rubin
Eric Paul and Risa Rotenberg
Geoff and Linda Pearlstein
Aviva Pelt
Elka Pelt
Murray and Marilyn Perelman
Malcolm Perlman
Marilyn Perlman
Corinne and Gary Perlmutar
Barry and Paula Oretsky
David Perlmutter
Aviva Pesachov
David and Barbara Peters
Jackie Pherrill
Barry and Robin Picov
Steven Picov
Liane Piltz
Gloria Pivnick
Adam & Karen Pivnick
Aaron and Stella Pizel
Cheryl Plener
Gary and Alison Polan
Gabrielle Pollard
Lawrence and Maxine Polon
John Ponech
George and Agnes Porasz
The Abe and Elsie Posluns Family Foundation
David Posluns, Wendy Posluns, Lynn Posluns
Felicia Posluns, Ian Zagdanski, Barry Zagdanski
Wendy and Len Preskow
Elissa Press
Stephen and Maxine Price
Jason Puterman
Morgan Quinn
David and Robyn Rabinowitz
Ronald Racher
Val Rachlis
Karen and Harry Radomski
Oskar Rajsky
Family of Faye and Ralph Arnold
Teresa Randall
Annette Rapoport
Mort and Carol Rapp
Ian and Marlene Rattner
Rechtsman Family
Reno Dimitri and Linda Reed
Bill and Nancy Reichman
Russell and Janie Rendely
Anthony Ricciardi
Eric Rice
Richard Librach Architect Inc.
Lewis Richardson
Judy and Wayne Richmond
Ron and Perla Riesenbach
Craig Rimer and Elyse Zelunka
Kevin and Nira Rittenberg
Medina Robbins
Monty and Ashtyn Robbins
Gloria Robins
Justin Robinson
Warren and Renee Rochman
Carly Rogenstein
Gert Rogers
Ariella Rohringer and Earl Rotman
Alexander and Irina Roitman
Rachel and Jay Rolnick
Susan Romeril
John and Susan Rose
Sheila Rose
John and Susan Rose
Edward Trapunski and Ellen Roseman
Paul and Lisa Rosen
Edith Rosenberg
The Rosenberg Family
William and Kay Rosenfeld
Jeff and Meryl Rosenthal
Spike Rosner
Bernhard Ross
Morris Justein and Family
Suzanne and Lawrence Ross
Morris and Lorraine Rotbard
Sam and Leora Roth
Ronald and Lynda Roth
Millard and Dolly Roth
Jamy and Michele Rotman
Deborah Ruben
Alan Rubenstein
Shirley and Sam Rubenzahl
In honour of Bernie Rubin and in memory of Norma Rubin
Robert and Marlene Ruderman
Peter Rudin
Sandra Rudin-Goodman
Martin Rudnick
Sheldon and Gail Sacks
Alven Sada
Ariel Saffer-Spiro
Andre and Rhoda Salama
Leslie Saleh
Charlotte Salomon
Edward Goldstein and Felicia Salomon
Danny and Vivienne Saltzman
Sam Chaim Real Estate
Aryeh Samuel
Steve and Cathy Samuel
Adina Samuels
Albert and Fay Sandler
Stephen Sandler
Alyssa Sankey and Jeff Frooman
Clarissa Santamaria
Jennifer Sardella
Andrea and Amnon Sarkozi
Claude and Trudy Sassoon
Morris Joseph and Josette Sassoon
Raquel Benzacar Savatti
Michael Schecter
In memory of Anne and Frank Schipper
Joel Finkelstein and Paula Schipper
Michael Schlesinger
Lorynne Schreiber
Jeremy Schwartz
Kyle Schwartz
Larry and Julie Schwartz
Richard and Elaine Schwartz
Judith Scolnik
Roseann and Charles Scott
Beverlee Searle
Samantha Seaton
Walter Seaton
Dina and Melvyn Segal
Steven and Suzanne Seider
Allison Sekuler
Gloria Chaim and Mark Selick
Peter, Dani, Corbin and Avery Seligman
Peter Seligman and Family
The Serruya Family
Stan and Anne Shabeson
Naomi Shacter
Kate and Jordan Shaner
Craig Sharma
Satyendra Sharma
Steven and Ricki Sharpe
Mel and Bonnie Shear
Stuart Shecter and Caryn Negin
Phil and Janice Shedletsky
Judi Shekter
Norma and Sheldon Finkelstein
Mr. Harry Sheres
Robert and Mona Sherkin
Elizabeth Sherman Graif
Kaelen Sherman
Leslie and Freida Sherman
Stephen and Isabel Shessel
Sanford and Ida Shessel
Stephen and Isabel Shessel
The Shiff Families
Gary Shiff
Lisa Shiff
Carole Shiffman
Norman and Diana Shiffman
Heather Shiffman
Esther Shilling
Howard and Denise Shilling
David Shindman
Jamie Shinoff
Mark and Mira Shnier
Roger Sholanki
Thelma Shore
Judith Shostack
Michael and Jaclyn Shulman
Saul and Thelma Shulman
Randi Shuval
Lorne and Diane Sidenberg
David and Elise Sieradzki
Marvin and Judith Sigler
Tudor Sigmund
Saul and Andrea Sigulim
Gita Sikand
Allan and Hinda Silber
Jace Silberbach
Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation
Hershy and Ellen Silver
Rachelle Silver
Michael and Susan Silver
Vanessa Silver
Raina Silverberg
Jason Silverman
Mark Silverstein
Haim and Hana Simha
Benjamin Singer
Barry and Judy Singerman
Thomas Sinyi
Matthew Sitka
Donna Bronstine
Adrienne and Joel Slan
Peter and Neri Slan
Ellie Slavens
Eric and Marsha Slavens
Jan Slavik
Cindy Slipacoff
Ricci Slipacoff
Jeff Small
Alyssa Smith
Barry and Judy Smith
Michael and Andrea Smith
Sheila Smyth
Harvey Soicher
Gerry and Sheri Sokalsky
Howard Sokolowski and Linda Frum
Ted and Liz Sokolsky
Solmon Rothbart Goodman LLP
Glenn and Anne Solomon
David and Ruth Solomon
Elena Solomon
Karen Solomon
Peggy Solomon and Abraham Hirsz
Herbert Solway and Ann Shortell
Evan and Marla Sone
Helen Song
Gary and Janis Soren
The Soudack Family
Karen Soupcoff
Theodore Spevick
Judy Spiegel
David and Helen Spiegelman
Alexandra Spinner
Tauba and Solomon Spiro Family Foundation
Paul Spitzen
Barney Sprachman
Marilyn Springer
Frank Stagliano
Stalco Inc.
Rotem Stark
Gordon Starkman
Patti and Jerry Starr
Michael Stein
Steven and Rodeen Stein
Stephen Stein
Charlotte and Lewis Steinberg
Bryna and Fred Steiner
Mark Steinfeld
Stephen and Laura Steinhauer
Janis and Oron Sternhill
Maxine Stevenson
Carol Steyn
Carol and Richard Steyn
Tracey Steyn
Gerald and Eileen Stone
Barry Stork
Martin and Francie Storm
Jack and Lori Straitman
Mona Strasberg
Ronnie Strasser
Carol Strom and John Migicovsky
Elissa Strom and Randall Abramson
William Berger and Brucyne Sud
Pacey Sugar
Joseph Sunshine
Fern Sussman
Akemi Suyama
Jay & Linda Swartz
Michael Swartz
Elisa Swern
Benjamin and Marsha Swirsky
Steve Szuster
Stephanie Tabac - Montreal
Rose and Charles Tabachnick
Tamblyn Family
Howard and Carole Tanenbaum
Jennifer and Kenneth Tanenbaum
Eleanor Tannenbaum
H. Tannenbaum
Joyce and Marvin Tanner
Sharon Weinstein and Stephen Tanny
Denise and Maurice Tapiero
Lynne Taradash
Marilyn and Alex Targonsky
Terry S. Tator
Brahm and Patti Taveroff
Jessica Taylor
Bernard and Queenie Teichman
Jay Teitel
Tektura PLC
Telus Corporation
Harry Diamond
Igor Teslya
Nataliya Teslya
Regan Tessis
The Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre
Ned & Anita Goodman & Family
The Jeremy and Judith Freedman Family Foundation
Bruce and Lianne Leboff
Stephen and Carole Title
Moses and Temara Tobe Foundation Inc.
Anne-Marie Tobin
Sari Scherer
Total Performance Fitness Consultants Inc.
Rosalyn Train
Neil and Rhonda Travis
Susanne Treichel
Raffaela Trentadue
Judith Trites
Cyrel Troster
Carlos and Maria Trujillo
Perry and Karen Truster
Greg and Jennifer Tugg
Jonathan Tulchinsky
Ines Turek
Marshall I. Turgel
Philip and Nanci Turk
Riki Turofsky
Udell Kuriya Medicine Professional Corporation
Renée Unger and Family
Upper Crust
Morgan Ura
Marlene Urman
Mark Usher
John and Rosie Uster
Debbie Vassos
Mitchell Oelbaum
Louise Veffer
Shelley Veinish and Maurice Levitan
Linda Vezina
Naomi Vidal
Louis and Lilyan Vigoda
Alexandra Vincelli
David Vinokur
Pacifica Virzi
Lisa Vogel
Tracey Vogel and Paul Leishman
Brian and Bunny Vyner
Jill Wagman and Warren Ikeman
Martin Wagman
Alan Wainer
Lorie Waisberg
Michael Waiser
Sondra and Murray Waldman
Heather Walker
Denis Walsh
Jennifer and Robert Walsh
Marla Waltman
Gerald and Ruth Warner
Janice Warren
Andrea and Sam Waserman
Jessica Waserman
Susan Waserman
Elizabeth Wassenich
Reesa and Lloyd Wasser
Katherine Wasserman
Murray & Rayla Wasserman
Roberta and Samuel Wasserman
Marvin and Joan Waxman
Wayne Safety Inc.
Shoshana Weiman
Jack & Anne Weinbaum
Charles Weinberg
Sheila Weinberg
Beverley Weinstein
Hank and Jo-Anne Weinstein
Ronald Weintraub
Stephen and Terri Weintraub
Gabi Weisfeld
Stephen and Mindy Weiss
Sam Skurecki and Irma Weisz
Laura Weisz
Maryka and Chaim Weisz
Thomas and Sasha Weisz
Sherri Weisz
Judith Wells
Allen and Janet Werger
Jerry and Shelley Werger
Sean and Karen Werger and Family
Sean Werger
Doug Whiteside
Lilian and Mitch Whyne
Catherine and David Wilkes
Andrea Wilkie
Becki and Doug Willoughby
Frank and Judith Wilson and Family
Michael Winberg
Melvin Winch
Lenora and Lorne Winer
Randi Winston and Barry Wolfish
Lynn Wintraub and Richard Rotchtin
Maxine Gallander Wintre
Stephen Wise
Herbert and Fern Wisebrod
Sheila and David Wiseman
Sheila Wolf
Susan Wolf and Jeffrey Newton
The Honey and Leonard Wolfe Family Charitable Fdn
Barbara and Harvey Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation
Harold and Carole Wolfe
Jeff and Debra Wolfe
Henry Wolfond and Rochelle Reichert
Lisa and Chad Wolfond
Mark and Joanne Wolfson
Morton Wolfson
Harold and Shelley Wolkin
Ahuva Woods
Irwin and Elayne Wortsman
Sandra Wosk
Morris & Ettie Wosnick
Florence Wunch
Gloria Wunder
Les and Andrea Wynn
Samantha and Rafi Yablonsky
Ruth and Reuven Yablonsky
Shmuel Yablonsky
Gwen Yacht
Leon Bloom and Bernita Young
YOW Motorcycle Touring Club
Harold and Beverley Zacks and Family
Hedda Zahavi
Linda Lester and Frank Zaid
Jakov Zaidman
Bernard and Hedda Zaionz
Rebecca Zamon and Adam Shona
Carole and Stephen Zamon
Lynn and Carl Zand
Hersh Zeifman
Sharon Zeiler
Michelle Zeller
Philip Plotnick and Bonnie Zelman
David Zemans
Dov and Caroline Zevy
Peter and Magda Zicherman
Cindy Zimmerman
Marsha and Stan Zinberg
Swartz Family
Kelly Ziskinder
Ian Zive
Judy and Lorne Zon
Carole Herman Zucker and Dr. Bernard Zucker
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In kind donors

3D Printing Canada
Alan and Elaine Frysh
Allegra Toronto North
Arlene and Aaron Nisker
Avoca Chocolates
BarBurrito Canada
BAS Donor and Corporate Recognition
Best Buy
BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc.
Canada Pooch
Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto
Chinese Community
Clearly Canadian
Clover Leaf Seafoods
Crownhill Packaging
David Istzer – SD Denture Clinic, Denture and Implant Solutions
Dove Canada
Dr. Andrea Somers and Jack Benzacar
Dr. Barry Shapero
Dr. Dan Pollit
Dr. Gary Elman
Dr. Laffa
Dr. Marlene Morrow
Dr. Samuel Mincer
Dr. Scott Posen
Dr. Stephen Kay
Dr. Steve Solomon
Encore Catering
Estee Lauder Canada
Flow Alkaline Spring Water
Ford Motor Company
Fortis Custom Builds
Genuinebeauty International
Government of Canada
Government of Ontario
Greentank Technologies Team / Dustin Koffler
Harry Rosen
Healthy Planet
Holiday Inn Yorkdale
iLobby® Corp
Impactful Giving / Lauren Albert / Spinmaster
Jacqueline Prehogan
Jewlr / Heidi Knobovitc
Klick Health
Kubik Inc.
Lauren Kimel
Look Beauty Inc.
L'Oreal Canada
Magna International Inc.
Maker Pizza
Marketing Impact Limited
Meal Train for Toronto Hospitals / Klara Maidenberg
MEGA Comfort
Mendy Goldman
Michael Benjamin
Milli Ltd.
Mitzvah Knitters
MPP Natalia Kusendova - Mississauga Centre
MPP Robin Martin - Eglinton - Lawrence
North American Taiwanese Women’s Association (NATWA) – Toronto Chapter
Pizza Pizza Limited
Rachel McCluskey and Alex Tsopelad
Richard Bloom
Ryan and Anna-Kay Dorland
Saigon Park Group Mississauga
Sean Ostro
Sewing Army/Jennifer Thornhill /Rosa Mortimer
Sirius Radio
Smartsilk Corp.
The 482 Collective / Ace Kosher
UB Restaurants Inc.
UofT - PPE for HCPs Toronto
Vital Link Ice Cream & Event Marking inc.
Wayne Safety Inc.
Xpand Laces

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