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VIP Program - available for 20XS, 20X, and 20XL!


Event Date: TBD

Registration Fee: $500

Fundraising Minimum: $15,000

Training requirements will vary based on the event type a VIP participant chooses. For more information, please visit the Challenge pages.



  • 1.5 days of pre-training with SEALFIT coaches to mentally and physically prepare you for your event.
  • Custom private training day with SEALFIT coaches that immerse you in what Navy SEAL training is like. Participants will take part in planning and executing scenario based mission profiles.
    • Situations may include the following:
    • Combat in and around vehicles
    • Hostage Situations
    • Home defense
    • Self Defense
    • Active Shooter Response
  • Option to choose between 20XS, 20X, and 20XL events
  • Monthly team training sessions prior to event
  • Accommodations in a nearby hotel for the duration of the program
  • All food and beverages for the duration of the program
  • Required gear and clothing, including:
    • 1 white crew neck t-shirt for event day
    • 1 pair black BDU pants
    • 1 BDU utility belt
    • 1 pair of shoes
    • 1 ruck (backpack) capable of carrying up to 30lbs
  • Lifelong friendships with those you meet on this trip!
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Committee Members

Kimberly Biback
James Cohen
Allan Levine

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