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The Experience

Baycrest SEALFIT is more than just a physically demanding event - it’s a way of life. SEALFIT was developed as an integrated functional fitness and mental toughness training program which combines the best practices of Navy SEAL-style physical and mental training with powerful techniques innovated by founder Mark Divine and his team of SEALFIT Coaches.

Baycrest SEALFIT is a months-long commitment to training and discipline that teaches you to become a master of your own life. Training and preparation for SEALFIT will foster resiliency, drive, determination, honour, integrity and courage in your daily life and help you to take on whatever challenges come your way.

You’ll get into the best shape of your life, learn to be a great teammate, finish strong, discover your potential and make a incredible contribution to an important cause.

There is no podium - this is not a race. There is no winner - you’re building your character. If you’re looking for something different, for the ultimate challenge, and to gain an entirely new outlook on life - look no further than Baycrest SEALFIT 2019.

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Committee Members

Kimberly Biback
James Cohen
Allan Levine

About Baycrest

Baycrest is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging.