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What to Expect...when I register

When you register for Baycrest SEALFIT, you will receive a detailed Participant Toolkit. This holds all the basic information you will need to prepare for your Baycrest SEALFIT journey, including gear information, fundraising information, and information about the event. You will also be able to set up your Participant Centre on our website, through which you will be able to keep track of your donations, donors, and fellow participants as well as reach out to your email network.

What to Expect...when I’m training

Baycrest SEALFIT participants are expected to prepare significantly for their event. All participants will receive their Participant Toolkit, which includes detailed training information and suggestions, as well as an 8 weeks to SEALFIT book to follow as your training guide.

In addition to individual training, participants in the 20XL challenge (and VIP versions of all challenges) will have access to monthly training events. These events are designed to prepare you physically and mentally for the Baycrest SEALFIT challenge. You’ll meet other participants, become a team, and develop camaraderie - all of which are integral to your success on event day.

In addition to training, participants will have to fundraise their minimum fundraising amount by September 13, 2019. Minimum amounts vary based on length of event and on registration type (standard or VIP). Fundraising tips and resources can be found in your Participant Toolkit and on our website!

What to Expect...at the event

Shhhh….it’s a secret! Events will take place in an undisclosed location 1 hour from Toronto. Participants will receive more detailed event location information once they hit their fundraising minimums one week before the event.

What to Expect...post-event

Hundreds of people have completed SEALFIT events in the past - and it's changed their lives! View their testimonials here.

Register today and prepare for the ultimate physical and mental challenge.

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